SuperViz SDK: Building Your Own Feature-Rich Meeting Solution Without a Plugin

Posted by | March 21, 2023

If you are using a library or software such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Babylon.js etc. that doesn’t have an existing SuperViz plugin, you can still create a feature-rich SuperViz-enabled solution with the SuperViz SDK. The SDK is compatible with any web application, regardless of the underlying technology.

When you integrate the SDK, our solution handles all the standard meeting features by default. However, if you’re using the SuperViz SDK without a plugin, you’ll need to develop the following features as part of your custom implementation:

  • Avatars
  • Pointers
  • Lasers
  • Goto/Follow/Gather

To create a custom solution, you must meet certain requirements:

Positions and Avatars

Participant positions are crucial to the SuperViz experience. Ensure you distribute this data via our Realtime Data Engine so that all meeting attendees can see each other’s locations within the 3D environment. This data is also required for implementing Go-to, Follow, and Gather functionalities in your solution.

You must be able to retrieve and manipulate a user’s precise position (X, Y, Z) in the 3D world and send it to the Realtime Data Engine.

For custom solutions, you need to add the avatar yourself, as the SuperViz SDK cannot inject objects into your 3D environment without a plugin.

Here’s an example of sending and receiving user positions using the Realtime Data Engine:

1// subscribe
2sdk.subscribe(userId, onUserXUpdated);
4// receive
5onUserXUpdated({ x, y, z }) {
6 // update user X avatar with position x,y,z
9// send
10sdk.setSyncProperty(userId, { x: 0, y: 2, z: 0 });


To display mouse pointers or lasers during a meeting, follow the same process as described above. The only difference is that you’ll need access to each participant’s mouse position.


Creating a custom solution with the SuperViz SDK is straightforward and offers numerous possibilities. Position functionality is just a small aspect of what you can add to your experience. Synchronizing states, object views, and other features can truly set your solution apart from your competitors. With the SuperViz SDK, you can develop a fully customized, immersive, and interactive experience for your users.

Happy coding!

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