SuperViz News: Expanding remote collaboration access

Posted by | July 19, 2022

From new partners to feature launches to customer success stories, we’re charging into the second half of 2022 with lots to share!

SuperViz continues to increase opportunities for remote collaboration in 3D content. We’re bringing people together in digital spaces in ways that reduce meeting fatigue and make virtual interaction more productive.

In case you missed it…

Every user now has full functionality of all SuperViz meeting features and integrations. The updated dashboard provides a streamlined workspace for a single monthly price.

We’ve added partner integrations so you can seamlessly switch between projects in Matterport, Sketchfab, 3D CAD models, and 360° tours without changing meetings.

Haven’t checked it out yet? Access your account for a free full-function trial.
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Highlights from the first half of 2022

We’re thrilled to collaborate with partners and customers who help move remote collaboration forward…

Customer Impact

A recent study by real estate development company Kallas Group demonstrated a savings of over $2.5M using SuperViz immersive meetings during construction validation! Read the details in this article from our partners at Matterport.

High End 3D Model Pixel Streaming

Our partnership with PureWeb brings immersive meetings to cloud rendered experiences built using Unreal Engine or Unity.
Learn more about real-time connection with SuperViz + PureWeb.

Large Group Immersive Meetings

The SuperViz Broadcast release enables amphitheater-style immersive meetings for 16 presenters and over 200 audience participants in 3D projects. Beta version is going live and will be free to all users for a limited time.

360° Tour Builder

SuperViz 360° Tour Builder is a tool to quickly upload 360° photos and renders, add scenes and embed hotspots, then meet directly inside with immersive video conferencing! Click here to set up a 1:1 walk-through.

Coming Soon…

Embed multi-player capability in your own platform with the SuperViz API and SDK.
Get in touch to learn how you can increase engagement and make remote meetings more productive with integrated spatial video conferencing.

Want a 1:1 walk-through of our platform updates? Click here to schedule a time.

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