Real-Time Synchronization: the SuperViz SDK

Posted by | January 22, 2023

Now there’s an easy way to build real-time synchronization for collaboration, presentations, guided tours and more, directly inside 3D web applications.

The SuperViz SDK enables multi-person telepresence as well as the ability to sync custom properties in meeting rooms – including 3D models, 2D content, States, Selections, Objects and anything else needed.

SuperViz CEO and Co-founder, Russ Rive, and VP of Engineering Tommy Lindestrøm, sat down for a series of conversations about the value of creating immersive experiences with a sense of presence. Here they discuss the benefits of building a collaboration layer with real-time synchronization.

Real-Time Synchronization vs. Screen Sharing

Build in immersive collaboration with real-time sync and you gain multiple benefits — for example, eliminating the need to screen share.

“With options like SuperViz, the whole visualization engine is loaded natively inside of everyone’s location. So each person is loading and rendering their own version of the browser of the 3D space, leading to perfect quality. It’s a huge jump in the quality of the experience and the quality of the visual,” says Rive.

Utilizing real-time synchronization means customers can access more efficient collaboration workflows while staying on your platform, eliminating slow-downs and poor performance… 

  • Screen share from a video conference sends only one point of view. There’s no sense of the other person being with you. 
  • Inferior image quality is frequent with screen sharing. Resolution is low and you get pixelation, especially if anyone has a choppy internet connection.
  • The need to screen share is an extra step that leads to customers juggling multiple tools. Syncing in real time provides a streamlined solution in a single platform.

What’s really exciting about this is that it’s more than just adding collaboration. It sounds sci-fi, but you’re building a virtual teleportation machine. Your web app becomes a space, a location, a place where people go and hang out, where they discuss projects as if they were there together,” Rive says. 

Add feature-rich immersive meetings, integrated collaboration, and guided tours with the SuperViz SDK. It’s the simplest way to add real-time interaction inside digital spaces with a sense of presence.

Getting started is easy. The SuperViz pricing structure provides maximum freedom and flexibility during product build-out and testing. There is no charge for the Starter plan which is designed for use during the development phase.

Learn more and request access at SuperViz SDK and API.

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