SuperViz SDK v4.8.0 Released

Posted by | May 29, 2023

SuperViz is pleased to announce the release of SDK 4.8.0, another milestone in our continual endeavor to offer innovative and practical solutions for immersive meetings. This latest version of our SDK has been updated with new features and improvements designed to provide developers with more control and flexibility.

In this release, we’ve focused on augmenting and fine-tuning aspects ranging from camera orientation options to interface design. These additions have been implemented to facilitate not only a more productive and streamlined development process but also to give developers the tools to create immersive, interactive experiences that are more engaging and user-friendly.

Updates Include:

  • Camera Orientation Options
    Developers can now place cameras in either vertical or horizontal mode, broadening the scope of view configurations available.

  • Streamlined Meeting Entry
    To enhance operational efficiency, we’ve added a parameter that allows for bypassing the meeting setup process, enabling direct entry into a meeting.

  • Disable Cameras Interface Control
    We’ve introduced a parameter to disable the camera overlay in a meeting, giving you more control over the user interface.

  • Disable Devices in a Meeting
    New parameters have been incorporated to disable devices during a meeting, providing better control over the meeting environment.

  • Improved Access to Real-time Data
    We’ve added an option for users to retrieve the last synced data from the real-time engine, ensuring up-to-date information availability.

  • Watermark for Starter Plans
    We’ve added a watermark to the cameras of our starter users. This feature underscores our intention for the starter plan to be used primarily during development rather than in production scenarios.

  • Design Improvement
    To enhance the aesthetic appeal, we’ve added rounded corners to avatar names across all plugins.

  • Matterport Plugin Update
    We’ve resolved an issue related to width size name calculation in the Matterport plugin, enhancing the overall user experience.

We invite you to explore these features and improvements in SuperViz SDK 4.8.0. For a more detailed overview, please visit our release notes:

🎤 We welcome any feedback on these updates. If you have questions or need assistance, our support team is always ready to help.

You can also visit to access the latest documentation and code.

Thanks for building with SuperViz!

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