When should you use immersive meetings?

Posted by | November 8, 2022

Immersive meetings enable people to meet remotely with a sense of presence when a space or location is the subject of the meeting.

They take remote meetings beyond standard video conferencing – participants still see each other and speak face-to-face via webcam, but also add independent freedom of movement and engagement with the digital space.

It’s like a group virtual teleportation experience, and with the addition of customized avatars, you and your meeting guests can feel even more like yourselves when meeting remotely.

SuperViz provides a shared immersive experience directly via browser, without the need for headsets or downloads. It takes us closer to feeling like we’re together anywhere, any time, no matter where everyone’s physically located.

Using immersive meetings is the best option when you need to…

  • Provide a guided tour instead of just sending a link. Curate and lead participants through a tour, property showing, presentation or any other experience, just like you’re there together in the physical space.
  • Increase efficiency with synchronous remote collaboration. Streamline workflows, save time on follow-up, and find issues earlier by collaborating face-to-face in real time inside 3D models. 
  • Simplify meetings that involve spatial content like 3D models or digital twins. Host guided one-click meetings directly inside your projects with everyone you need, even if they don’t have technical experience.
  • Help people visualize a space that isn’t built yet. Providing a way for participants to move virtually around the model enables a greater understanding of what the physical space will be like.
  • Create more equitable and accessible processes. Provide a way for all stakeholders to be included in building design and community planning by enabling them to join immersive presentations via browser from anywhere. 
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability. Add virtual immersive meetings as part of your proposals and workflow to show support for energy, climate, and sustainability mandates. 

The SuperViz platform takes single-person experiences in 3D spaces and transforms them into collaborative multi-person environments for immersive meetings.
The only thing you have to do to host a meeting is add your content and then click to create an invitation link.

You can meet instantly inside existing spaces such as 3D CAD files, Sketchfab 3D models, Matterport digital twins, and 360º images, or integrate SuperViz API or SDK into your own platform.

Explore SuperViz with a free trial or reach out any time to learn more about incorporating immersive meetings into your workflow.

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