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Enhance your BIM Software with our SDK and API for easy integration of advanced collaboration features

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Our developer friendly feature-rich API and SDK gets you up and running with just a few lines of code.

2import { AutodeskViewer } from "@superviz/react-sdk";
3import { useState } from "react";
5function Room() {
6 const [viewerInstance, setViewerInstance] = useState(null);
8 return (
9 <AutodeskViewer
10 onViewerInitialized={({ viewer }) => {
11 setViewerInstance(viewer);
12 viewer.setTheme("dark-theme");
13 }}
14 isAvatarsEnabled={false}
15 isLaserEnabled={false}
16 modelUrn="<modelURN>"
17 clientId="<clientID>"
18 clientSecret="<clientSecret>"
19 />
20 );
23export default Room;

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Mouse Pointers and Issue Management

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A screen from SuperViz for React Flow shows a collaborative coding session. On the left, a comments panel displays discussions. In the center, a code editor highlights SuperViz integration. On the right, a video call panel shows live feeds of Jane, Paul, and Olivia, with labels pointing to their avatars

Extend Autodesk Platform Services with a complete set of features

A collaborative interface using SuperViz and Autodesk Platform Services shows multiple users co-editing a 3D model in real-time with colored cursors and chat bubbles, highlighting active participation and seamless teamwork.

Real-time Co-Editing

Boost productivity by letting users collaboratively edit and work on documents, designs, or content in real-time. Witness the magic of multiple users bringing ideas to life simultaneously.

Contextual Comments

Add threaded comments for direct feedback on vector points inside of a 3D space. Reduce miscommunication and ensure faster resolutions

A collaborative interface using SuperViz and Autodesk Platform Services shows contextual comments linked to specific elements of a 3D model. Users leave comments directly on the model, facilitating focused discussions and efficient collaboration.
A collaborative interface using SuperViz and Autodesk Platform Services displays real-time mouse pointers, each labeled with the user's name, indicating active participation and interaction within the 3D model.

Real-time mouse pointers

Enhance user engagement whether they’re navigating a web page or exploring 3D environments. Shared mouse pointers seamlessly adapt, providing intuitive interactions in every setting.

See who's online

Add avatars, badges, profile images to your application to quickly see who is online inside the same room.

A collaborative interface using SuperViz and Autodesk Platform Services shows online participants with profile pictures and status indicators, making it easy to see who is currently active in the session.
A collaborative interface using SuperViz and Autodesk Platform Services includes a video huddle panel with live video feeds of participants, enabling face-to-face communication alongside real-time 3D model editing.

Video Huddle SDK

Integrate high-quality video conferencing directly into your app, allowing users to connect face-to-face for clearer communication, brainstorming, or presentations.

AI Transcripts API

Easily bring AI to your video conference meetings with our AI Transcript API . Obtain essential meeting insights, generate concise summaries, pinpoint crucial decisions and much more.

A collaborative interface using SuperViz and Autodesk Platform Services displays live video feeds with AI-generated transcripts of the conversation, ensuring all discussions are documented and accessible.

Why extend your Autodesk Platforms Services Solution?

Real-Time Issue Resolution

Our tools allow for immediate identification and resolution of issues. Teams can address problems as they arise during the design and construction process, preventing delays and reducing the need for costly post-construction fixes.

Improved Risk Management

Collaborative BIM environments help in better identifying and managing risks. Teams can collectively assess potential risks in the design and construction phases, allowing for proactive mitigation strategies.

Comprehensive Documentation and Traceability

Enhance the documentation process, ensuring all changes and decisions are recorded. This traceability is crucial for accountability and future reference.

Remote Accessibility and Flexibility

Teams can collaborate from anywhere, breaking down geographical barriers. This flexibility is especially beneficial in today’s global and often remote working environments.

Enhanced Team Synergy and Productivity

Enable teams to work more cohesively, leading to increased productivity. The seamless exchange of ideas and information fosters a more efficient and effective working environment.

Client and End-user Involvement

Remote Collaboration features can facilitate client and end-user involvement during the design phase, ensuring the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

What is SuperViz?

SuperViz offers developers a comprehensive SDK for building interactive, real-time collaborative applications. Ideal for enhancing design and data workflows, it provides a collection of collaboration components that integrates into modern web-applications.

What is AutoDesk APS?

Autodesk Platform Services, is a set of evolving APIs and services to help you customize solutions, create innovative workflows, and integrate other tools and data with our platform.