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SuperViz offers a real-time collaboration and communication SDK and API, designed for developers building real-time web applications

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Power Your Web App with Secure, Scalable Real-Time Infrastructure and Collaboration Tools

An illustration depicting task completion synchronization using SuperViz. On the left, an image of a task labeled 'Complete task' is being checked off by a hand cursor. This task is connected by a dotted line to a central purple icon with an 'S' symbol, representing SuperViz. On the right, the central icon branches out to three identical 'Complete task' boxes, each connected to a user profile picture. The users are two women and one man, indicating task updates being synchronized in real-time for different users.

Real-Time Data Engine

Implement real-time data synchronization features quickly and efficiently.

  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Pub/Sub API
  • Channels
  • Message persistency
  • Webhooks
SuperViz AI-Powered Video SDK interface showing a video conference with four participants, chat messages, meeting agenda, and an AI icon, demonstrating transcription and meeting insights features.

AI-Powered Video SDK

Low-code, fully functional video SDK extended by a powerful AI transcripts API.

  • Up to 25 participants on group calls
  • AI transcripts API
  • Customizable UI
  • Meeting recording
  • Screen sharing

Collaboration Components

Elevate Collaboration with a Comprehensive Toolkit

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For developers, by developers

Our developer friendly feature-rich API and SDK gets you up and running with just a few lines of code.

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2import { SuperVizRoomProvider } from "@superviz/react-sdk";
4function App() {
6 return (
7 <SuperVizRoomProvider
8 developerKey="<developerkey>"
9 group={{
10 id: "<group-id>",
11 name: "<group-name>",
12 }}
13 participant={{
14 id: "<user-id>",
15 name: "<user-name>",
16 }}
17 roomId="<room-id>"
18 >
19 <h1>This is a room</h1>
20 </SuperVizRoomProvider>
21 );
24export default App;

Designed for Everywhere

Easily integrate with the world's leading Javascript frameworks.

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  • Introduction to SuperViz
  • Hands-On Implementation
  • Advanced Features and Use Cases
  • Q&A Session
SuperViz interface displaying a video conference with multiple participants, chat messages, coding interface, and analytical charts, illustrating the integration of SuperViz's video conferencing and AI-powered transcription

Why choose SuperViz?

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Ship fast

Our low-code approach helps expedite the deployment process, delivering solutions in no time so you can focus on your core product.

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Complete ecosystem

All products within the SuperViz ecosystem are synchronized and interoperable, enabling you to construct a robust real-time experience for your users.

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Build With no Costs

Access the complete library of real-time infrastructure and collaboration components for free. No credit card required.

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Only pay for the features you use with our flexible pay-as-you-go model, maximizing value and efficiency.

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3D & Digital twin compatible

Integrate real-time experiences with digital twins and 3D applications, enhancing collaboration and communication within spatial content.

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Bring additional value to your users by integrating advanced AI capabilities and intelligent data analysis into your product.

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Ensure Data Safety and Security

We understand the importance of securing your data, and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your data is safe and secure end-to-end.

  • We utilize AES-256-CBC and PGP with RSA 4096 encryption technologies to ensure your data is secure and accessible only to authorized parties when needed.
  • We protect your organization's data with advanced security keys to maintain confidentiality and integrity.
SuperViz Video SDK interface highlighting security features, including a video call with encryption icons, secure chat messages, and user communication about the sensitive nature of the discussion.

Who can benefit from SuperViz?

Integrate SuperViz into your creative and productivity tools to improve collaboration capabilities. Enable real-time interaction, review, and iteration on design projects, including UI/UX design tools, video editors, and online brainstorming applications.

  • Real-time presence allows for instantaneous feedback, enhancing collaborative creativity.
  • Add contextual comments and threads, allowing teams to organize feedback, reviews, and tasks efficiently.
SuperViz Video SDK interface showing a collaborative design project with multiple participants providing real-time feedback and comments on a design document.
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