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A platform to create, register, and exchange knowledge in a 360º environment. We remove the distances of space and time so people can realize their projects and collaborate from anywhere.


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360º environment

Create and collaborate in three dimensions: with 360º images, Google Street Views, and panorama photos. You are free to walk through space, exchange points of views and look around.

Content in various formats

Add layers of images, notes, videos, audios, and links to other 360º scenes. Document and organize information as you do in your mind.

Interactive encounters

Express yourself with voice, drawing, and pointers. Invite anyone and meet here to present projects and ideas from wherever you are. Everyone listens to you and can see the scenes from your point of view.

Easy access

SuperViz can be used on computers, tablets, smartphones, and in VR. And you do not have to download anything, just enter.

Maps and Floor Plans

Navigate and organize your scenes with Floor Plans, Google Maps, and on your own maps and images.

Team Management and Access Control

Manage team members, outside collaborators, and clients. Each with their own project access rights.

Use Cases

What do you use SuperViz for?

For projects, field trips, teaching, training, construction sites, or to just record a moment: SuperViz has many uses - some not yet imagined. See the uses most explored so far:

Education and Training

Field trips, project-based learning, employee onboarding, guided tours, interactive classes, mind maps. Teachers and students express themselves together, here, as in the real world.

Architecture and Construction

Present projects, document construction sites, follow progress remotely and present it to clients, have meetings with a sense of presence: productive and easy to use. The whole team creates and interacts, wherever and whenever they want.


Like information, we can also move freely and be present anywhere. We created SuperViz to facilitate more meetings and exchanges of realities. To help people create, register and share knowledge. We join your eyes with the eyes of the world. So you can see and do what you need, with whom you want, wherever you are. So that you can collaborate with a sense of presence.



Create Public Projects

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Privacy, collaboration, and Team Management

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