SuperViz enables you to implement real-time commincation and collaboration features in a highly customizable manner, suited to your requirements. Below are a few use cases demonstrating how SuperViz can add value across different scenarios in modern web apps.

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SuperViz AI-Powered Video SDK can significantly enhance telehealth platforms by enriching patient-doctor interactions with real-time video communication, transcripts, AI-generated meeting summaries, and detailed analysis.

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Telehealth consultation showcasing SuperViz integration. A doctor, Dr. Davis, communicates with a patient, Brian, via real-time video call. Dr. Davis provides medical advice through a message, while Brian responds gratefully. SuperViz enhances telehealth with features like video communication and real-time interaction.
Sales presentation featuring SuperViz SDK integration. Andrew conducts a live demo with Olivia, discussing partnership opportunities. Olivia responds positively, illustrating the real-time interactive capabilities and enhanced communication provided by SuperViz Video and Presence.

Sales & Support Platforms

Elevate your sales and support platforms with SuperViz Video SDK and collaboration Components, enabling interactive, real-time demos and personalized showcases. Engage customers with live presentations and enhance communication with AI-generated transcripts for better follow-up strategies.

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Productivity Tools

Integrate SuperViz into your creative and productivity tools to enhance collaboration. This allows for real-time interaction, review, and iteration on design projects, whether it's UI/UX design tools, video editors, or online brainstorming applications.

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Collaborative design interface showing SuperViz integration. Multiple team members, including John, Matt, Morgan, and Jessica, interact in real-time on a design project with features like text editing, annotations, and comments. SuperViz enables seamless collaboration and productivity enhancement in creative tools.
Real estate virtual tour showcasing SuperViz integration. A real estate agent, Christine, conducts a live property tour for potential buyers, Adam and a couple, discussing the spaciousness and natural light of a room. Adam responds positively, illustrating the interactive and engaging experience enabled by the Matterport Presence plugin and SuperViz.

Real Estate Showcasing

Transform property tours into interactive, real-time experiences, engaging potential buyers with live tours and personalized property walkthroughs. By integrating the Matterport Presence plugin with your existing platform, you add an additional layer of engagement and a heightened sense of presence.

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Education & E-learning

SuperViz enhances education and e-learning platforms by enabling interactive and engaging learning experiences. Create educational environments that promote effective learning and improved retention. Utilize SuperViz Video for real-time interactive sessions, providing personalized attention and dynamic learning experiences.

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Interactive e-learning platform featuring SuperViz integration. Students, including Debra, Yun, Anna, and Ram, engage in real-time collaboration on a lesson titled 'The benefits of remote collaboration.' Debra comments on the seamless communication enabled by real-time collaboration tools, illustrating the dynamic and engaging learning experiences provided by SuperViz.
3D BIM model of a modern building with SuperViz integration. Team members, including Jennifer, Matt, and others, engage in real-time collaboration. Jennifer asks Matt about the construction timeline, demonstrating the interactive discussion capabilities and video conferencing features provided by SuperViz.

3D modeling & BIM Software

SuperViz's Digital Twin and 3D support provide real-time collaboration within BIM projects, enabling detailed interactive discussions on architectural designs. Experience immersive project meetings inside 3D models with integrated video conferencing. Our low-code components add an issue management layer, streamlining decision-making and minimizing delays.

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Project Management

Enhance cross-functional collaboration by integrating SuperViz into your project management tools, transforming them into interactive collaboration spaces. Keep project teams aligned with real-time discussions, task updates, and milestone tracking.

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Project management interface showing SuperViz integration. Team members, including John, Jennifer, and Morgan, collaborate in real-time on a Kanban board with 'To Do', 'Doing', and 'Done' columns. Jennifer suggests pushing the deadline to ensure quality content, illustrating the real-time discussion and task updates enabled by SuperViz.