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2 SuperVizRoom,
3 VideoConference
4} from "@superviz/sdk";
6const room = await SuperVizRoom(
8 {params}
11const videoConference = new VideoConference(
12 [params...]


We have wide experience dealing with Matterport users and we have heard great feedback from our users:

SuperViz turns Matterport into a Multi-Player Metaverse Experience - it is more fun to explore together and it can enhance the team productivity when discussing things virtually on location while leaving a lasting impression.

Florian Wagner

Mesh Images | Germany

The ability to communicate with over 200 guests and up to 16 main speakers is an astonishing educational and collaborative experience. The truth is the use cases are actually beyond our current imagination.

Tony Pincham

Images for Industry Limited | England

Superviz morphs Matterport into something it's not, a collaborative interactive software.

Abe Truitt

Dive Virtual | Israel

Superviz adds value to meetings that are normally dull like Teams or Zoom and you can easily lead attendees through a building to show them something.

Michael de Vries

InformAR | Netherlands

Superviz takes our Matterport service to the next level! First, there was the ability to digitally walk through a building and that still blows minds. Now with Superviz, it has gone to a completely new level and value proposition.

Dean Scholey

VirtualPro Limited | New Zealand

Matterport virtual tours by themselves are a great marketing tool, but Superviz's immersive meetings make them a powerful sales tool.

Emma Urbina

Jotavirtual | Spain

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Real-estate sales tool

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Create your first proof of concept in minutes! Our tutorials and demos are here to guide you.

Intuitive documentation and a free account - The ideal combination to run your first tests.

We love collaboration! Our Discord community is open for feedback and support.

Get access to a demos and samples to build even faster.

See the docs
A screen from SuperViz for React Flow shows a collaborative coding session. On the left, a comments panel displays discussions. In the center, a code editor highlights SuperViz integration. On the right, a video call panel shows live feeds of Jane, Paul, and Olivia, with labels pointing to their avatars

Enhance your Matterport platform

Real-time mouse pointers

Real-time Mouse pointers enhance user engagement while exploring the Matterport space among participants.

Pinpoint Location inside 3D

Precisely place comments within 3D spaces, ensuring clarity and context in collaborative feedback and discussions.

3D Avatars

3D avatars indicate collaborators' positions and actions, facilitating a better collaborative experience with a sense of presence.

See who's online

Add avatars, badges, profile images to your application to quickly see who is online inside the same room.

Video Huddle SDK

Integrate high-quality video conferencing directly into your matterport platform, allowing users to connect face-to-face for a virtual guided tours.

AI Transcripts API

Transcribe and analyze your video conference meetings. Extract key insights, pinpoint action items, track central topics.

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What is SuperViz?

SuperViz offers developers a comprehensive SDK for building interactive, real-time collaborative applications. Ideal for enhancing design and data workflows, it provides a collection of collaboration components that integrates into modern web-applications.

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a cutting-edge platform that creates immersive 3D virtual tours of physical spaces. Matterport offers a JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) that can integrate Matterport with web applications and enhance the experience around our WebGL 3D player, Showcase.