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Scalable infrastructure and low-code API and SDK, enabling developers to implement real-time data features quickly and efficiently.

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2 SuperVizRoom,
3 Realtime
4} from "@superviz/sdk";
6const room = await SuperVizRoom(
8 {params}
11const realtime = new Realtime();

What you can build with SuperViz Real-Time Data Engine

SuperViz real-time collaboration interface showing three users, John, Matt, and Anna, interacting with design tools and text boxes. Demonstrates multi-user real-time collaboration features.

Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Transform single-user apps into collaborative tools with our real-time data engine. Perfect for design tools, video editors, and brainstorming sessions.

SuperViz real-time data engine showcasing a dashboard with strategic investments, performance comparison, and performance over time. Includes bar chart, pie chart, and line graph for real-time data visualization.

Real-time data-driven experiences

Create dynamic dashboards, track live GPS data, and more. Ideal for any situation where live, shared data is essential.

SuperViz real-time notifications interface showing mentions and updates. Users John Davis, Hannah Williams, and Mark Smith are highlighted with actions like approving access and project mentions.

In-app real-time notifications

Send real-time updates to users, adaptable to any scenario. Keep your audience instantly informed and engaged.

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Key features

Scalable infrastructure

From one to millions of messages. Our infrastructure is ready to scale with ease.

Pub/Sub API

Pub/Sub messaging that easily allows you to send and receive low-latency messages at scale.


Organize your data streams in channels. Simple and straightforward.

Message persistency

Retrieve message history with ease. We support both client and server side requests.


Receive notifications from the server when client events occur.

Server-side API

Integrate your backend with our server-side API to send data to your users.

Why choose SuperViz

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Ship fast

Our low-code approach expedites the deployment process, delivering solutions in no time so you can focus on your core product.

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Complete ecosystem

All products within the SuperViz ecosystem are synchronized and interoperable, enabling you to construct a robust real-time experience for your users.

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Build with no costs

Access the complete library of real-time infrastructure and collaboration components for free. No credit card required.

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Technologies we support

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Ensure Data Safety and Security

We understand the importance of securing your data, and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your data is safe and secure from end to end.

  • We utilize AES-256-CBC and PGP with RSA 4096 encryption technologies to ensure your data is secure and accessible only to authorized parties when needed.
  • We protect your organization's data with advanced security keys to maintain confidentiality and integrity.
SuperViz Video SDK interface highlighting security features, including a video call with encryption icons, secure chat messages, and user communication about the sensitive nature of the discussion.

Combine Real-Time Data Engine with our other products

Build the ultimate real-time experience for your customers

SuperViz SDK showcasing collaboration components with user avatars, chat messages, and interactive follow and go-to buttons for enhanced teamwork.

Collaboration Components

Our ready-to-use SDKs and APIs allow you to transform your single user app into a multi-user collaboration app.

  • Who is online
  • Real-time mouse pointers
  • Presence controls
  • Contextual Comments
  • 3D & Digital Twin compatible
SuperViz AI-Powered Video SDK interface showing a video conference with four participants, chat messages, meeting agenda, and an AI icon, demonstrating transcription and meeting insights features.

AI-Powered Video SDK

Low-code, fully functional video SDK extended by a powerful AI transcripts API.

  • Up to 25 participants on group calls
  • AI transcripts API
  • Customizable UI
  • Meeting recording
  • Screen sharing