Real-Time Collaboration Features for Your App

With just a few lines of code, our ready-to-use SDK transforms your single-user application into a multi-user collaboration platform.

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2 SuperVizRoom,
3 MousePointers
4} from "@superviz/sdk";
6const room = await SuperVizRoom(
7 DEVELOPER_KEY, {params}
10const whoIsOnline = new WhoIsOnline({
11 position: "top-right"
13const mousePointers = new MousePointers("my-id");
Real-Time Presence

Improve Engagement with Real-Time Presence

With SuperViz presence components, you can enhance real-time user engagement for your clients. Integrate features like real-time mouse pointers, online status indicators, and presence controls into your app to encourage interaction and collaboration among your users.


Elevate Feedback and Collaboration with Contextual Comments

Designed to meet your users' needs, Contextual Comments enrich communication and enhance user satisfaction.

Integrate to improve feedback processes and benefit from comment threading, direct feedback on app elements, and keep a record of revisions and suggestions.

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Digital Twins & 3D

3D & Digital Twins Collaboration

Our SDK is even designed for platforms like Autodesk, Matterport, Three.js, and more. Blend real-time interactions with digital twins and 3D applications, ensuring that whether you're in a conventional web app or inside spatial content, the experience remains fluid and intuitive.

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Our Core Components

See who's online

Real-time mouse pointers

Presence Controls

Shared forms

Contextual Comments


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3D support for Presence and Comments




And much more

  • 3D Avatars
  • Real-time Mouse Pointers
  • Presence controls
  • Pinpoint Location inside 3D
  • Comments Sidebar with Threads
  • Integrated Video Conference
  • Secure and Synced Commenting
  • Flexible UI Customization
  • Integrates with Real-time Data Engine

Combine Collaboration Components with our other products

Create the ultimate collaboration experience for your customers

An illustration depicting task completion synchronization using SuperViz. On the left, an image of a task labeled 'Complete task' is being checked off by a hand cursor. This task is connected by a dotted line to a central purple icon with an 'S' symbol, representing SuperViz. On the right, the central icon branches out to three identical 'Complete task' boxes, each connected to a user profile picture. The users are two women and one man, indicating task updates being synchronized in real-time for different users.

Real-Time Data Engine

Implement real-time data synchronization features quickly and efficiently.

  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Pub/Sub API
  • Channels
  • Message persistency
  • Webhooks
SuperViz AI-Powered Video SDK interface showing a video conference with four participants, chat messages, meeting agenda, and an AI icon, demonstrating transcription and meeting insights features.

AI-Powered Video SDK

Low-code, fully functional video SDK extended by a powerful AI transcripts API.

  • Up to 25 participants on group calls
  • AI transcripts API
  • Customizable UI
  • Meeting recording
  • Screen sharing