SuperViz for React Flow

Enhance your node-based editors and interactive diagram with our SDK and API for easy integration of advanced collaboration features

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A SuperViz for React Flow interface shows a collaborative flowchart with nodes like Products, Add Items, and Order. Participants Isabella, Sarah, and Arthur are on video calls, with their names and avatars pointing to their locations. A comments panel displays project discussions, and the SuperViz for React Flow logo is at the top

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Our developer friendly feature-rich API and SDK gets you up and running with just a few lines of code.

2import { MousePointers, useHTMLPin, Comments, useComments } from '@superviz/react-sdk'
3import { useViewport } from 'reactflow'
5function Room() {
6 const { x, y, zoom } = useViewport()
8 const { pin } = useHTMLPin({
9 containerId: 'reactflow',
10 })
13 return (
14 <>
15 <div id='comments'></div>
16 <Comments pin={pin} />
17 <MousePointers elementId='reactflow' transform={{ translate: { x, y }, scale: zoom }} />
18 <ReactFlowComponent />
19 </>
20 )
23export default Room

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Collaborative Node-based dashboard

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A screen from SuperViz for React Flow shows a collaborative coding session. On the left, a comments panel displays discussions. In the center, a code editor highlights SuperViz integration. On the right, a video call panel shows live feeds of Jane, Paul, and Olivia, with labels pointing to their avatars

Extend React Flow with a complete set of features

Two diagrams demonstrate the collaborative features of SuperViz for React Flow. The first diagram shows a decision flow with Modal and Page nodes, where a user named Anna is interacting with the Action node. The second diagram has a similar setup but with the user John interacting with the Modal node. Both diagrams highlight real-time collaboration with visible user avatars.

Real-time Co-Editing

Boost productivity by letting users collaboratively edit notes in real-time. Witness the magic of multiple users bringing ideas to life simultaneously.

Contextual Comments

Add threaded comments for direct feedback on your React Flow dashboard. Add pins to specific notes to reduce miscommunication and ensure faster resolutions

A flow diagram using SuperViz for React Flow shows the sequence from Login to Email to App, with user avatars indicating collaboration. John interacts with the App node, while another user is connected to Email. A comment panel on the right displays discussions about project scope, user testing, and launch plans
Three mouse pointers with names indicating real-time collaboration using SuperViz for React Flow. The names are Olivia, Paul, and Jane, each with a colored pointer next to their names

Real-time mouse pointers

Enhance user engagement. Real-time mouse pointers seamlessly adapt, providing intuitive interactions inside your React Flow based dashboard.

See who's online

Add avatars, badges, profile images to your application to quickly see who is online inside the same room.

Profile pictures of three users with colored circles around them indicating online status, followed by an icon showing plus four more users. This image represents the See who is online feature in SuperViz for React Flow
A flow diagram created using SuperViz for React Flow is displayed with a video huddle panel on the left showing live video feeds of three participants: Jane (host), Alisson, and Dave. The video panel features options for screen sharing, microphone control, and ending the call

Video Huddle SDK

Integrate high-quality video conferencing directly into your app, allowing users to connect face-to-face for clearer communication, co-working and productivity.

AI Transcripts API

Easily bring AI to your video conference meetings with our AI Transcript API . Obtain essential meeting insights, generate concise summaries, pinpoint crucial decisions and much more.

A video call interface using SuperViz for React Flow shows three participants: Jane, Paul, and Olivia. Jane is speaking and asking Olivia for an overview, as displayed in a chat bubble. Olivia's response is shown in another chat bubble. The interface includes options for muting and unmuting microphones

Why extend your React Flow Solution?

Enhanced Interactive Experience

Integrating SuperViz with a React Flow-based application elevates the user experience by adding real-time collaboration capabilities. Users can interactively engage with flowcharts and diagrams, making collaborative decision-making more dynamic and efficient.

Streamlined Communication

SuperViz's collaboration tools allow team members to discuss and annotate directly within the React Flow interface. This integration facilitates seamless communication, enabling teams to share insights and feedback instantly, right on the visual elements they're discussing.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

With SuperViz, changes made in the React Flow diagrams are updated in real-time for all participants. This ensures that every team member is working with the most current data, reducing errors and misunderstandings that can arise from outdated information.

Improved Remote Collaboration

SuperViz’s video conferencing and AI transcript features make it ideal for remote teams using React Flow. Teams can hold virtual meetings and brainstorming sessions within the application, enhancing collaboration and productivity regardless of physical location.

Increased Engagement and Participation

By adding collaboration features, every team member can actively participate in the process mapped out in React Flow. This inclusivity leads to more diverse input and better overall outcomes, as ideas and suggestions are visually and interactively shared.

Versatile Application Across Industries

SuperViz's collaboration features can be leveraged in various sectors using React Flow, from IT and software development to logistics and project management. This versatility allows for a wide range of use cases, making complex data and workflow visualization more collaborative and interactive.

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What is SuperViz?

SuperViz offers developers a comprehensive SDK for building interactive, real-time collaborative applications. Ideal for enhancing design and data workflows, it provides a collection of collaboration components that integrates into modern web-applications.

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What is React Flow?

React Flow is a library for building node-based applications. These can be anything from simple static diagrams to data visualisations to complex visual editors. You can implement custom node types and edges and it comes with components like a minimap and viewport controls out of the box.