A Pioneering Collaboration: MPskin and SuperViz Transform Immersive Tours

Posted by | April 5, 2023

In a recent interview with SuperViz, Mia Zlatinov from MPSkin discussed their successful integration of the SuperViz SDK, which brought immersive collaboration with video conferencing and avatars to their platform. She also talks about MPsin’s unique software that enables users to add immersive features to their virtual tours.

MPSkin is a software that enables professional Matterport users to add a variety of immersive features to their existing virtual tours. Founded in Northern Italy, the company was established to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele that demanded a solution for offering virtual tours in multiple languages. Over time, MPSkin has evolved to include virtual staging, avatar meetings, multi-language support, and many other features as its unique selling points.

One of the key motivations for MPSkin to integrate SuperViz into their platform was the high demand for museum and cultural experience tours in their region. The integration allowed their clients to offer virtual tours of museums, wineries, historical sites, and more without relying on on-site guides. Implementing SuperViz also enabled MPSkin’s clients to market their services to various industries, including real estate, education, and commercial spaces.

“It just makes it that much easier to give a personalized customized tour.”

Since integrating SuperViz into MPSkin’s software three months ago, the company has received overwhelmingly positive client feedback. The ease of implementation and the ongoing updates provided by SuperViz have proved a significant advantage for MPSkin, particularly as a company with limited resources.

“It was incredibly fast and simple. It only took about 2 days to implement the feature into our software.”

In addition to providing a more engaging virtual tour experience, the collaboration with SuperViz has given MPSkin a competitive edge in the market. The quick and easy implementation process, which took only two days, allowed MPSkin to focus on developing additional features and improving its overall product offering.

One exciting SuperViz feature that MPSkin has implemented is the Follow Mode. This mode allows a guide, such as a teacher or a real estate agent, to have their virtual tour participants follow them in an orderly fashion. This feature is especially useful in educational settings or when a guided tour is necessary.

As MPSkin continues to innovate and develop new features, the collaboration with SuperViz has played a significant role in enhancing its platform and providing a more immersive and interactive experience for its clients. The future of virtual tours is promising, and MPSkin is at the forefront, revolutionizing the way people experience and explore spaces remotely.

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