Posted by | June 21, 2023

Free Streamlined Collaboration inside Matterport tours

We are pleased to announce the launch of, a platform that leverages the capabilities of the SuperViz SDK to offer immersive virtual meetings within Matterport tours, free of charge. represents a significant advancement in virtual collaboration tools. With the integration of Matterport tours, this platform is designed for people seeking an efficient, engaging, and immersive environment for their online interactions. The added value of this service being available at no cost makes it an accessible and viable option for a wide range of users.

SuperViz SDK: Versatility and Customization

The SuperViz SDK is a robust toolkit that enables the development of custom digital twin collaboration experiences. The launch of serves as an example of how the SuperViz SDK can be utilized to create specialized virtual collaboration platforms with a range of features. The flexibility and power of the SuperViz SDK open avenues for tailored solutions that meet specific business needs.

Rapid Deployment and Scalability

One of the key aspects showcased by the development of is the ability to rapidly deploy solutions using the SuperViz SDK. This is highlighted by the fact that was built and launched in 2 days. This efficiency is crucial for businesses that need to adapt and scale their operations in a dynamic digital landscape.

In Summary is an example of the capabilities and efficiency of the SuperViz SDK. It offers an advanced and immersive virtual collaboration experience at no cost, making it an invaluable asset for professionals across industries. The SuperViz SDK continues to provide the tools necessary for developing versatile and customized virtual environments.

We invite you to experience this streamlined virtual collaboration with, a free platform powered by the SuperViz SDK.

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