BIM Remote Collaboration: New Ways to Simplify Project Management

Posted by | December 17, 2021

Coordinating multi-million dollar construction projects is something managers and directors actually do from home now. BIM remote collaboration technology helps make this possible, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do.

Challenges in cross-discipline BIM remote collaboration

A few years ago, the idea of so many large projects being coordinated remotely was unheard of.

If construction project management teams were hired from out of the project area, the standard was to co-locate. Bringing everyone to the same location made cross-team collaboration straightforward and efficient.

Within just a couple of years, though, it’s become the norm for teams to work physically separated from each other through much of the project timeline. While a benefit of this is the ability to recruit and hire from a wider geographic talent pool, it ultimately adds new workflow challenges across the project.

The exponential increase in development of new technology has helped with this, but not everyone has access to needed software, skills and knowledge. Vendors, management professionals and other stakeholders all have varying technology and capabilities. This has cascading impacts on efficiency, timelines and ultimately, cost.

Addressing issues in construction remote collaboration

For managers now tasked with coordinating mega-projects from home offices and living rooms, the challenges can be draining. They’re faced with new workflow issues, keeping teams on schedule, and even employee engagement problems when everyone’s feeling isolated. Challenges like:

  • Drawing out the best of your engineering team talent when the only interaction is virtual
  • Making efficient site-based decisions when you can’t all physically be there together in the space
  • Avoiding rework later from missed problems when you’re dependent on sharing files on a screen
  • Coordinating people with widely varying technical experience when everyone’s interacting remotely

Although BIM remote collaboration creates potential for smoother workflows, not every construction professional has access to the software. Even project director and manager level positions are often dependent on their BIM managers to provide access and review 3D models. 

Steps to simplify BIM remote collaboration

Construction project management teams need 3D model access and fly-through capabilities to review progress, solve problems and keep schedules on target. Having access to do this without waiting for the help of their BIM professionals can simplify and streamline workflows. 

Provide a user-friendly interface: SuperViz is one option to simplify BIM remote collaboration. It’s a platform that allows you to set up meetings inside your 3D models for your management team, contractors, vendors and other stakeholders.

Decrease time spent waiting for filesInstead of relying on emailed pdfs or waiting to schedule meetings with BIM managers, specific access can be granted to team members to view, move around in and meet inside models.

Enable efficient decision-making: Upload your IFC files and the project is ready to be explored virtually on the SuperViz platform. It’s a powerful solution that allows for BIM remote collaboration and decisions in real time while viewing the 3D space together.

Streamline accessOnce your model is set up, it takes only a couple clicks to create a link that team members use to enter the project. Meet with others inside the model using integrated video conferencing and avatars, with instant access to a full suite of tools for the design and construction industries.

Remove technology barriers for remote collaboration

SuperViz is also a straightforward solution for meeting with stakeholders who have little to no technical expertise. The 3D model is accessed through their browsers with no downloads or software needed.

Once inside SuperViz virtual space, navigation is intuitive and easy. The only thing participants need to do is click the link you share with them and enter the meeting.

We’d love to help you simplify management of your BIM remote collaboration. Click here to schedule a time.

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