SuperViz Version 5 is out!

Posted by | November 9, 2023

This week, we rolled out our most significant release to date. As a startup, we’re deeply committed to learning from feedback and refining our product through multiple iterations. This iterative approach has culminated in our latest release.

SuperViz’s mission is to enhance remote collaboration and communication by providing programmable tools through our API and SDK. We’re confident that our latest release moves us further in the right direction, offering developers a robust toolkit for easy implementation of these features.

Read on to learn more about the updates and features in Version 5.

Expansion beyond 3D 

With Version 5, SuperViz expands its capabilities beyond 3D into the 2D space. While our foundation was built on 3D collaboration, we recognized the need for versatile tools that also support traditional 2D platforms. Whether it’s design tools, sales platforms, or e-learning platforms, SuperViz now offers a more comprehensive suite for varied applications.

Our focus remains on providing effective collaboration tools, regardless of the dimension. To understand more about SuperViz’s journey our Founder Russ Rive recently recorded a video giving a glimpse into SuperViz’s story and learnings, from our beginnings to our vision for the future. You can see the video here

New architecture 

In Version 5, we introduced a new architecture where developers can initialize components independently, reducing the emphasis on meetings as the sole collaboration focus. This offers more flexibility and makes room for potential product additions down the line. 

New product: Presence

We’re excited to introduce our new product: Presence.

Presence is designed to enhance genuine connections among users with its collaboration features. Our aim has always been to replicate the ‘sense of presence’ in digital collaboration, and with Presence, we’re bringing that vision to life. Utilizing our real-time collaboration components, users can now track their colleagues’ activities with real-time mouse pointers, engage in real-time co-editing, and experience shared presence within a document, a page or 3D environment.

The implementation of Presence features is one of the main reasons we saw the success of productivity tools like Figma, Miro, Airtable, and Canva. We are excited to announce that our users can now implement similar features utilizing our latest product.

Learn more about Presence here.

AI Transcripts API

Elevate your meeting experience with the SuperViz AI Transcripts API. This exciting feature enables your users to transcribe their meetings to text and then use AI queries to return meeting summaries, topics, action items, sentiments, and more.

Learn more about our AI Transcripts API here.


We continue to view video conferencing as one of the most valuable components of remote collaboration. Therefore, it remains a central offering in our toolkit. We’ve introduced minor updates to the video component, and we’re currently working on expanding our video product. This expansion aims to provide an enhanced meeting experience for standalone applications.

Review our video features and capabilities here.

New Pricing

Given the recent updates and enhancements, we’ve updated our pricing structure. If you’re an existing user on the Professional or Enterprise plan, in many cases, the revised pricing might be more cost-effective. We encourage you to review our updated pricing here.


For those currently on Version 4, transitioning to the features of Version 5 is easy and quick. We’ve prepared a migration guide to assist our existing users in making the switch. Find the guide here.

Our upcoming roadmap has a range of product improvements. User feedback remains crucial. It guides our decisions, and as we work on our low-code collaboration and communication tools, we appreciate your input.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Tommy Lindestrøm

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