How Real Estate Developer Kallas Group Saved Over $2.5M With SuperViz

Posted by | September 27, 2022

Kallas Group, a real estate developer in São Paulo, Brazil, is a leader in innovation advances for the civil construction market. Using SuperViz immersive meetings during the validation process has helped accelerate their construction project timelines, decrease rework, and cut costs.

SuperViz provides a way to bring people together remotely but with the advantages of real-world interaction, to identify potential problems earlier in the construction process. Using this method, Kallas Group is able to reduce project risk, resolving issues more quickly and with less expense. 

Design Validation in the Construction Process

When project teams can come together early in the construction process, they’re able to find deficiencies and can solve them before the issues are repeated in additional units. Not finding these problems multiplies costs and delays project timelines, negatively impacting returns.

It’s frequently not feasible to bring together entire teams in the physical location early enough for successful validation at the ideal timeline point (travel, cost and time limitations, capacity issues in the actual physical space). Additionally, during pre-build phases, many vendors and contractors don’t have access or knowledge to the technology needed.

“The use of model apartments in civil construction, for the validation of design solutions, brings benefits to the final result of the units delivered to customers, as it reduces waste and encourages good practices in construction. However, when this validation does not occur in a timely manner to correct the failures, it causes delays in the final deadline of the work, inserts costs with rework, generates waste and, as a consequence, burdens the planned budget of the project.” (Kallas Group, 2022) 

“As Kallas Group has observed, and in line with W.R. de Sitter’s ‘law of fives,’ an issue becomes increasingly more expensive to fix as a project progresses through construction phases. Changing the position of an electrical outlet, for example, might cost $1 in the design phase, $5 during prototyping, $25 after construction starts, or five times more if it’s even later in the process,” shares Russ Rive, SuperViz CEO and Cofounder.

SuperViz Immersive Meetings as a Solution During Validation

Kallas Group uses SuperViz immersive video conferencing directly inside models and digital twins, gaining the ability to host critical meetings earlier in the project. With SuperViz they’re able to bring together plumbers, electricians, structural engineers, and other specialists during the validation phase of a design, enabling them to look around and interact as though they’re in the actual space.

These remote meetings make projects accessible to stakeholders earlier and with more ease than trying to gather in a physical space. The meetings also benefit participants without technical experience or who don’t have access to project software. They can easily join SuperViz meetings with a single click and don’t need to juggle multiple platforms or work with heavy files. Travel time and costs are eliminated, along with avoiding the challenge of planning gatherings during up-and-down phases of the pandemic.

The Impact: Over $2.5 Million Saved

In one year, Kallas Group saved over $2.5 million thanks to using SuperViz during early-issue remediation.

Kallas’ SuperViz ROI study included 18 building projects with over 2,000 apartments where SuperViz was used. They also noted additional savings due to maintenance and rework issues that were avoided.

“From the first validations, new uses for the models were identified with SuperViz, such as validation of walls and floors. Now our teams can compare results from design phase validations with the digital twin from Matterport, for cost savings and better use of assets.”
Ana Clara Gamarra, Innovation Specialist at Kallas Group.

SuperViz takes single-player 3D spaces and transforms them into collaborative multi-player environments. It enables streamlined immersive video conferencing inside spatial content including 3D CAD models, 360° tours, Matterport digital twins, and Sketchfab 3D models. 

Click here to schedule a demo and learn more about SuperViz immersive meetings for construction and design.

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