SuperViz SDK vs Zoom SDK

Posted by | May 18, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Immersive Collaboration

Technology has taken a giant leap forward in the era of remote work and digital collaboration. Two powerful solutions leading the market are the SuperViz SDK and the Zoom SDK.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) are integral to modern software development. They enable developers to add functionality to their applications without having to build everything from scratch, saving significant time and resources. Both SuperViz SDK and Zoom SDK provide developers with the tools to integrate video conferencing capabilities into their applications.

Although the SuperViz SDK and the Zoom SDK have many features in common, some key differences exist.

SuperViz SDK: Immersive Collaboration

If your team is dealing with 3D data or digital twins, SuperViz SDK is a game-changer. Unlike traditional video conferencing tools, SuperViz SDK is designed for immersive meetings in digital twin or 3D web applications. Here is where SuperViz shines, as it focuses not just on communication but also on a sense of presence.

With SuperViz, you can explore 3D environments together with your team in real-time. This is possible due to the integration of avatars, creating a unique sense of presence within the virtual space. It’s almost like being physically present in the same room, examining a 3D model from different perspectives, or walking through a digital twin of a real-world location. SuperViz’s immersive 3D collaboration capabilities make it a better choice for teams dealing with Digital Twins or 3D projects.

The SuperViz SDK synchronization server also syncs any properties within the project between the participants. This synchronization enhances collaboration across any content, even regular 2D applications. Participants can collaborate with shared mouse pointers and edit, manipulate, guide, or present a project or web application together.

Zoom SDK: Video Communication

On the other hand, Zoom SDK is a great tool for pure video communication. As SuperViz does, it also provides excellent video and audio quality, along with a host of features like screen sharing, recording, and more. Zoom’s straightforward user interface and robust API make it a popular choice for integrating simple video communication into applications.

However, while Zoom offers an impressive suite of features, it lacks the immersive capabilities offered by SuperViz. If your project primarily involves 2D data or traditional remote meetings, Zoom might be a suitable choice. But for teams needing a sense of presence and the ability to explore 3D environments collaboratively, SuperViz clearly takes the lead.


Choosing between SuperViz SDK and Zoom SDK comes down to your specific needs. If your product requires a collaborative experience or a sense of presence in Digital Twin or 3D environments, SuperViz SDK is the way to go. However, for more traditional video conferencing needs, Zoom SDK can be a reliable option too.

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